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What is the difference between Mission and Arts and Crafts styles?

It is not unusual to see a particular decorative object marked "mission / arts and crafts". This makes us think wrongly that these two styles are identical, although this is not true. Mission-style home accessories will not necessarily match those of craft style, although the styles have some similarities. Knowing the difference between the two can help you differentiate them in the stores, especially when shopping for accessories and home d├ęcor and want to create a more authentic space.

Identification: Mission Styling

Curiously, the terms "mission" and "artisan" are interchangeable. Both styles refer to the same style of architecture and interior design. That happened like a lot of things today: through the media. In summary, an itinerant salesman from Stickley Craftsman Furniture was speaking to a journalist who used the term "mission" to refer to the furniture in the catalog displayed "in a Spanish mission", rather than the term used. artisan. Since then, the term has remained and is now easily usable interchangeably with the term "craftsman".

That said, knowing where the style comes from does not help to differentiate his style. Craftsman is actually a variation of the Arts and Crafts style. This happened in the late 19th century and early 20th century. It has wider and thicker lines than traditional furniture and decorative objects. These lines were crisp and unadorned, with no exaggerated details, but rather straight lines and angles with very little useless adornment.

Identification: Arts and Crafts

As noted earlier, mission style furniture and interior decorating products have thicker and wider lines. Arts and Crafts refers to the style from which the mission (craftsman) has evolved. The decorating style for the Arts and Crafts house began in the late 19th century, just before the mission / craftsmanship style began to appear.

Arts and Crafts style furniture is simple but elegant. It has thinner lines but simple shapes and beautiful. However, unlike the style of the mission, the furniture of art and handicrafts and other decorative items present a bit of ornamentation: hand carving, inlays in the wood, subtle curvature, etc. These seemingly minor differences may actually help to identify more easily the difference between craft and mission decor.

Once you know these seemingly subtle differences, you can quickly begin to differentiate between furniture, home accessories, and artisanal or missionary home crafting. Many people have the impression that all these styles are identical, but knowing the basics, especially the difference in line thickness and the use of inlays, shows how different these styles really are.

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