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The advantages and disadvantages of renting furniture

Deciding whether to buy furniture or rent furniture for their home staging business, is really a challenge for tenants of homes. But for many, they buy new furniture when they stage vacant housing and only rent furniture for already furnished housing. One of my previous articles discussed the pros and cons of buying furniture for home improvement. The latter will therefore discuss the advantages and disadvantages of renting furniture based on what I have observed during my long career in real estate.

There are obvious advantages to renting furniture. The first is that you do not need a huge investment to be able to rent furniture. Plus, you do not have to carry it home yourself and it's a benefit to you as it gives you more time to do the real work, home staging work. However, even with these obvious benefits, many home staging experts do not prefer the rental of furniture. They often said that it was not "attractive".

Disadvantages of renting furniture according to a large number of professionals and experts in home sales:

1. Renting furniture tends to be neutral, often slightly contemporary, and it's not a good way to find the furniture you've imagined to give the house an incredible appearance, because most of the time, those that you are looking for are not. available from rental companies.

2. In terms of cost, the cost is high, as most companies offering furniture rental require a minimum period of 3 months. This means that after reaching the 3-month period, you will have to pay again for each piece of furniture you rented.

If we compare the purchase of furniture and the rental of furniture, the purchase is distinguished by the time it can devote to the owners (your customers) and allows them to save money by not limiting them to the minimum contract of three month. Buying is expensive, but you should at least keep the parts you buy for your home staging work. This is a one-time payment that will save you money.

In addition, when buying furniture, you must choose each piece. You must choose the styles and styles you like and keep them. No need to pay rent!

3. Limited choice. As I said earlier, you can not find everything you like in furniture rentals. This is because your choices are limited. Just an example, you have a home staging job in a modern empty house and you have decided to rent furniture to a rental company. Unfortunately, when you arrive at the landlord, there is no more modern furniture that matches the modern house. You have no choice but to rent furniture that does not match the style of the house you want to stage.

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