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Something about Indian wood and Indian furniture

Few people know that India produces some of the best wooden furniture in the world. In fact, the country has a long and colorful history with regard to wooden furniture. While furniture made in India has attracted the attention of almost every region of the world, we rarely meet people who know the tradition and history of Indian furniture.

The manufacture of wooden furniture has been practiced in India since 1336 AD. It was actually the empires and kings of southern India who frequented this craft. Centenary wooden objects bear witness to this. Royalty held the workers in great esteem, because the art of carving wood was considered art and commerce, and India had a history of art and penetrating artisans. As a result, wooden furniture and wooden handicrafts can be found throughout India. In addition to classic and classic furniture, wooden doors, walls, poles, etc. can be found even in the most remote corners of the country, not to mention modern buildings, ancient temples and architecture that testifies to craftsmanship.

The realization of wooden handicrafts in India has various important implications. To be honest, Indian furniture and other wooden items are heavily influenced by the country's art and literature. Ebony wood has been widely used in the manufacture of Indian furniture, especially in the south and among royal families. In the north of the country, walnut was more popular. Folklore and legends of wood can be preserved for centuries, as in India, the furniture is usually passed down from generation to generation.

Indian artisans are renowned for converting wood into amazing furniture. Most often, locally sourced wood is used in the manufacture of screens, tables, boxes, trays, toys, candle holders and other decorative pieces. Wood widely used in Indian furniture manufacturing includes teak, sandal, rose and even coconut. Sandalwood, in particular, is often considered by the Indians as a gift of God because of its durability and the fragrance it exudes.

Despite the enormous progress made in the field of technology, Indian furniture is still cut in traditional tools. Not a lot of machine is used in their manufacture. This helped the wooden pieces retain their ethnicity. As the furniture is handmade, they are a symbol of elegance and durability. It also makes every Indian piece unique.

The easy availability of quality wood is one of the main causes of furniture manufacturing in India. However, the government has recently put in place strict standards for the felling of trees. This has resulted in the high price of Indian furniture. Trees are allowed to grow for commercial use, although their blind cuts have been stopped.

Each piece of furniture produced in a certain part of India has its own characteristics. For example, colorful paintings often adorn furniture made in Western states. Those made in the south, by contrast, are more ornamental in nature.

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